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Patient ​Responsibility

The patient is financially responsible for all cosmetic and anti-aging procedures. This office DOES NOT bill insurance companies as cosmetic and anti-aging procedures are not covered by insurance companies.

By scheduling an appointment, patient understands that he/she have requested a cosmetic and/or anti- aging procedure to be performed at Glowing Healthcare LLC and agrees to the following

  • Patients are financially responsible for the full cost of the procedure. There are no refunds after procedure is complete.
  • The office does not bill insurance companies for cosmetic or anti-aging procedures.
  • Patients may make payment by cash, cashier’s check, Care Credit, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.
  • Patients understand that he/she may reschedule the procedure only up to three (3) business days prior to the originally scheduled appointment. If he/she must reschedule with less than three (3) business days’ notice and we cannot accommodate the schedule a “no show” will be charge.
  • Patients understand that if he/she cancels the procedure with less than three (3) business days’ notice, there is a $150 charge for a “no show” appointment.


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